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Is remote work posing challenges to your team’s ability to collaborate effectively? Do you want to deliver better results for your clients and stakeholders? Are blurred boundaries between work and home life, causing overwhelm?

In these unprecedented times, we are having to alter the way we live, work, and play. One of these key changes is the move to working from home.

We understand that working from home presents a new set of challenges, often causing procrastination and loss of control over workloads and deadlines.

In the office, technology, environment, and relationships are largely filtered and controlled by naturally-occurring boundaries. This is not the case at home with the employee now responsible for setting the boundaries.

It’s common to feel overwhelmed and worn-down from navigating remote work, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The PEP Working From Home Program (WFH Program) is a specialised program created by our team of consultants who are experts in productivity and performance improvement.

Learn how to stop losing precious time on low-value tasks and start working cohesively with your team to deliver optimal outcomes.

The program was very beneficial and certainly helped doing it as a team.

Proven results and real outcomes.

PEP WFH helps teams save time and achieve better results

All of our Personal Efficiency Programs have helped professionals achieve impressive outcomes, and the WFH Program is no exception. Our practical approach to learning and practising new strategies supports attendees in getting the most out of our programs, helping them to develop their skills continuously.

PEP WFH Program focuses on teaching participants strategies to manage the challenging areas of:


Focusing on clearing digital workspace clutter, managing information, and productivity strategies


Creating physical workspaces to minimise stress and maximise productivity while coaching provides individually tailored solutions


Guiding employees in improving collaboration and building better relationships despite the absence of face-to-face interaction

Past participants of our programs have learned how to develop the way they collaborate and improve workplace relationships, reduce interruptions and reclaim time in their day.

Additionally, participants have reported outcomes that include:

  • Having gained 2.5 hours per day to spend on high-value activities
  • Reduced clutter by 95% in digital and physical workspaces
  • 29% increase in participants able to fit work into regular hours
  • Decrease in the number of unprocessed emails by 91%
  • 23% improvement in meetings that deliver effective outcomes

Do you think your team could benefit from these outcomes?

Structured for optimal results.

PEP WFH is structured to optimise the learning outcomes of every participant. The program combines group sessions and role-specific coaching, delivered via web-based video conferences without compromising the learning environment.


Over the course of 30 days, participants attend a series of group and individual sessions to learn skills and strategies that they can implement right away. Between each session, participants have time to practice new habits so that the solutions become second nature. Individual coaching sessions ensure that participants are provided with solutions that are tailored to their individual situation.


This approach to learning and practising new skills provides the opportunity to identify and problem-solve any challenges that participants face when applying them in the workplace environment.


Once participants complete the 30-day WFH program, we provide them with ongoing support via our Customer Support Program that is delivered directly to their inbox.

This is one of the few courses I have attended where I've been excited to have picked up so much. I've really learned a lot. Thank you so much for this opportunity, it's a life changer.

Can you and your team benefit from PEP WFH?

If you are working from home then PEP WFH is for you.

We have built the PEP WFH Program on timeless principles that enable employees to form productive and effective working habits with long-term sustainability. Unlike many other productivity programs, PEP WFH focuses on longevity and delivers continued support for better results.

Teams working from home are facing the responsibility of managing workloads, among other duties influenced by their environment.

Some suggest that employees should naturally know how to manage their tasks effectively; however, overwhelmed teams with lagging performance show that training and support may be beneficial.

PEP WFH provides simple and effective solutions to many of these challenges, allowing employees to continue to take decisive action, direct their attention to their most important work, maintain efficiency, and collaborate effectively with others.

It was great. Very worthwhile. I wish I'd done this years ago!

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