Personal Efficiency Programs for optimal performance.

If you want to improve your personal productivity or the performance of your team, Personal Efficiency Programs are the answer. We understand your organisation faces unique challenges – so we tailor our solutions to suit. Offering programs that cater to a range of circumstances, PEPworldwide has developed solutions for the office environment, working from home setups, hybrid teams and individuals.

Our Programs are proven to produce outstanding gains in productivity – giving employees up to two extra hours a day to redirect to high-value activities.

Programs designed for workplace success.

Maximising performance and productivity for leaders and teams.

We have designed our programs for improving the productivity and performance of teams in the workplace. For over 30 years, we have been helping leaders and teams to maximise their efficiency. With long-term success front-of-mind, our programs aim to coach participants, equipping them with strategies for sustainable productivity improvement.

Designed for leaders and teams who strive to enhance their business success, we customise our programs to ensure participants feel empowered to implement effective productivity strategies.

Enhance personal development with PEP.

Our Public Program designed for anyone wanting to enhance their productivity.

We understand that not everyone works for a large organisation, so we developed public courses, too. We have designed our unique public Remote PEP program for anyone looking to maximise their efficiency, decrease their stress and gain up to two extra hours a day to focus on what matters most. Our Public Program delivers tried and true PEP principles and strategies, equipping participants with skills and knowledge to improve productivity and performance effectively.

PEP for distributed teams.

Improve productivity and maximise performance from anywhere.

In the current climate, working from home and remote locations has become commonplace faster than expected. We understand that working from home presents a new set of challenges, often causing procrastination and loss of control over workloads and deadlines.

We developed our PEP WFH program that delivers customised content to support individuals and teams adapting to working remotely and in home environments, with great success.

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