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Our Programs are proven to produce outstanding gains in productivity – giving employees up to two extra hours a day. Our clients have increased job satisfaction, a vastly improved work/life balance and a more engaged workforce.

Ultimately, PEP helps you to focus your attention and energy so that you achieve what you really want. You won’t just gain the time to think about your ambitions; you’ll recover the time to achieve them.

What results can you expect from our program? Take a look at what our participants have achieved:

increase in fitting work into normal hours
improvement in meeting outcomes
increase in time spent on most important work
decrease in anxiety and stress
decrease in procrastination

Our clients are so satisfied with their PEP experience that 9 out of 10 have recommended us to others.

Seeing is believing. Take a look at our success stories.

Our strategies have delivered remarkable results for clients ranging from individuals to major corporations across a huge range of industries. See what we’ve achieved for our clients – and consider what we could achieve for you.

PEP helps large Australian finance sector client enhance customer service.

“I no longer live in my inbox, focus more on what matters most and can therefore deal more effectively with interruptions and also prevent unnecessary interruptions in the first place.”

Employees gained around 2.5 hours per day for high value-adding activities, by cutting back on ineffective meetings and emails

Participants saw a 95% reduction in clutter in their inbox and elsewhere, which reduced distractions and allowed focus on priority work

They became more effective at planning and preparation, which prevented unnecessary interruptions.

A sustainable approach to transforming productivity habits and behaviours empowered this regional service provider to continue streamlining activities.

“I can trust I am not going to miss anything important.”

Less clutter, with average inbox improving from 504 emails pre-PEP down to 24 emails post-PEP

Improved ability to fit workloads into ‘normal hours’ with a reported 20.86% DROP in hours spent working

Gained clarity on job roles, improving autonomy and reducing procrastination.

Leading education provider increases performance with tailored PEP program.

“I would recommend ALL NEW employees access this training experience. It has changed my entire attitude towards my “to-do list.””

Employees redirected 1-3 hours per day to high-value tasks, by reducing procrastination and effectively prioritising tasks

Time wasted on double-handling tasks eliminated by actively categorising and actioning emails

Employees are more effective at creating a clear routine for efficiently collecting and processing incoming work.

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