What is the starterPEP Program?

starterPEP is the perfect place for your team to start their productivity journey and the best program to kickoff their PEP experience. The course structure is designed to deliver maximum impact in minimal time. The program is a standalone solution delivered in one day with one-to-one follow up coaching to minimise the team’s time away from work. As a result, they will walk out of the program with more control over their task list and the ability to manage workloads efficiently.

starterPEP Outcomes


  • Decrease stress across the team and reclaim up time each day to redirect to high-value tasks.
  • Team members will instantly implement world-class email workflow strategies.
  • Productivity tips, tricks and shortcuts will help the team increase workflow efficiency.
  • Say goodbye to double-handling with streamlined electronic information storage processes to manage workloads.
  • Give your team greater capacity to achieve project milestones.
  • Systems to implement for fast access to information when needed.
  • Your team will learn how to optimise their calendars for effective workflow management.
  • Team members will learn how to turn tools such as Outlook into their own personal EA.


Duration: 1-day program broken into two 3-hour group Zoom workshops plus 2 x 30-minute one-to-one coaching sessions conducted 7 and 21 days after the group sessions.

Participant Numbers: Open to groups as small as 18 participants, up to 24 participants.

Format: Group workshop sessions and one-to-one coaching delivered remotely via Zoom.

Suitable for: Teams or groups of employees from the same organisation.

Facilitators: Principal Consultant / PEP Consultant

Investment: $500 plus GST per participant for a minimum group size of 18 up to a maximum of 24 participants.

Pricing for larger groups is available on request.

starterPEP Overview

starterPEP leverages proven productivity principles to help employees improve their workflow and workspace organisation while teaching actionable strategies that:

Help employees use technology in the most efficient way possible, increasing productivity.

Deliver improved management of email workflow and task management while processing electronic information more efficiently.

Teach teams how to use digital tools, such as Outlook, to create the conditions that ensure easy and quick access to the sites and documents they need, when they need it.

The day is divided into two 3-hour sessions plus one-to-one follow up coaching with our expert consultants. The follow-up coaching is held 7 and 21 days after the group sessions. starterPEP’s program structure ensures your team is equipped with strategies and sustainable behaviours that can be actioned immediately.

Is your team spending their day tied to their inbox?

Are heavy email workloads holding your team back from performing at their best? Doesn’t it make more sense that technology should be helping productivity rather than hindering it?

If you feel like the current workflow processes aren’t serving your team anymore, it’s time to upskill your team. Our starterPEP program coaches your team on how to leverage the power of technology, break free from low-value tasks and propel their productivity.

``I have a new found appreciation for my job thanks to starterPEP!`` Jayne, TAFE

Why starterPEP is right for your team

In the current workplace climate, it is critical that teams manage workloads efficiently to maximise productivity, reduce the risk of burnout and increase job satisfaction. Whether your team operates under a hybrid structure or onsite, starterPEP empowers teams with new skills and strategies to help them break free of overwhelming workloads.

Upon completion of starterPEP, attendees are equipped with sustainable skills and strategies that can be immediately implemented while delivering benefits long-term. Teams who learn with starterPEP enjoy productivity and performance-enhancing benefits such as:

Identifying inhibitors and habits that limit productivity and how to problem-solve them

Reclaim hours each day to redirect to high-value tasks and improve the quality of work

Understand how to get the most out of digital tools to support optimal productivity

Break free from overwhelm and manage workloads to reduce stress and avoid burnout

When your team are empowered to thrive in their role and stay on top of demanding workloads, they operate better, resulting in higher performance, happier employees and lower turnover.

What you can expect from starterPEP

During a single-day program, we transform your teams’ ability to maximise the benefits of technology to enhance their productivity over two sessions.

An expert consultant from our team guides each session. The starterPEP program focuses on fundamental principles that drive best practice initiatives in email workflow and task management while processing electronic information more efficiently.

Session One: Optimise digital workspace

Knowing how to optimise digital tools results in increased accessibility and productivity. starterPEP teaches participants how to master digital tools to ensure easy access to the things they need; when, where, and how they need it.

Session Two: Streamline workflow for efficient productivity

Your team will learn how to create and sustain conditions for optimal workflow. starterPEP teaches participants how to leverage digital tools to manage incoming work so that their attention can be redirected to high-value tasks.


Our consultants guide your team in breakout coaching sessions to encourage optimal learning and retention. The starterPEP coaching ensures that behavioural changes are sustained, so their increased efficiency is maintained over the long term.

With starterPEP, participants will reduce stress levels and gain control over their inbox, task list and calendar.

The two sessions coupled with the follow up one-to-one coaching sessions deliver the best support so participants can manage long-term, sustainable changes that will continue to yield the best productivity results.

``Fantastic, I feel so much more relaxed and confident that I can achieve what is expected of me.`` Lisa, TAFE

Over two decades of productivity experience makes PEP
the right choice for your team.

Productivity efficiency and supporting teams with the best performance strategies and advice have always been the driver of our programs. With over two decades of experience in coaching teams, we have refined the practical solutions we teach to improve employees’ work within their teams.

Our unique coaching methodologies and the application of our principles and tools ensure that significant improvements are made in productivity. Our clients typically see a return on investment of between 20 – 30% after participating in the Personal Efficiency Program.

starterPEP is the right place for your team to start their productivity journey. Register your team if you want to help them achieve better outcomes and promote a culture of meaningful collaboration, improved performance, and digital efficiency.

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