Support your team with enhanced productivity strategies
in a collaborative workshop

You’re responsible for supporting your team and driving performance, but you’re overwhelmed with constant interruptions at work, excessive time spent sorting out your inbox and little time to even think about team productivity.

You feel like you never have enough time for the team, and you’re concerned about targets not being met. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then it’s likely that your team is too.

Feel like you can relate? Then it’s time to discover our “Productivity Power-up” workshop. Our priority is to help you learn productivity strategies, identify actionable change, and reclaim control over managing your team’s success and performance.

Workshop Outcomes


  • Gain valuable insights and methods to identify the source of workloads that may be impacting team performance
  • Team members will learn how to batch tasks to accelerate their focus and productivity instantly
  • Employees will know how to plan properly, slow down and focus on priorities
  • Reduced stress, increased productivity and a refocus on high-value tasks across the team


Duration: 2 to 3-hour workshop (minimum 2 hours)

Participant Numbers: up to 50 attendees (additional attendees can be catered for upon request)

Format: Team workshop delivered in-person or remotely via Zoom

Suitable for: inclusion in team off-sites, staff development days, conference breakout sessions.

Facilitators: Managing Partner / Principal Consultant / PEP Consultant

Investment: The investment for this program is: $2,950 + GST for up to 20 participants, or $4,995 + GST for 21 to 50 participants

What is the “Productivity Power-up” Workshop?

We kick off the workshop by highlighting three key aspects of contemporary working:


The amount of work and information that arrives is often high volume yet holds low value-add.


The way that tasks arrive is constantly changing; such as email, text, phone, video conference, ad hoc conversations. Coupled with priorities, resources and information being changed and directives shifted.


The speed at which work arrives combined with mobile technologies and fast-turnarounds creates the challenge of being constantly ‘switched on’.

We call this the ‘V3’ framework

The three V’s feed off each other to create a never-ending cycle of work and stress – like a vortex that draws you in, causing you to feel a loss of control over workflow.

The “Productivity Power-up” workshop takes a look at the V3 impacts on workflow and how these impacts can be managed for optimal productivity results.

We take a targeted approach to each session by leveraging a pre-workshop survey with participants – this ensures the content is customised to address the specific needs of the group.

With this tailored method and interactive structure, “Productivity Power-up” provides simple strategies to address the challenges of V3 so that your team can start implementing them and improve instantly.

Enjoyed and benefited from the workshop which was well presented and thought provoking... Only the Start of the journey, not the end!

Why does your team need the “Productivity Power-up” workshop

The “Productivity Power-up” workshop will equip your team with the strategies, tools and motivation to immediately implement impactful yet straightforward actions. Your team can learn a collaborative approach to solving workflow challenges together – helping each member feel supported and accountable.

After successfully completing the “Productivity Power-up” Workshop, your team will be empowered to achieve outcomes, including:

Insights and an understanding to identify the source of workloads, helping them shift from feeling overwhelmed to being more in control

Team members will learn how to batch tasks to increase their focus and productivity instantly - delivering increased clarity about simple yet strategic steps to increase their performance

Employees will know how to plan properly, slow down and focus on priorities, giving them the confidence to be more personally responsible and accountable

Reclaim hours each day to refocus on high-value tasks, resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity

What to expect when you experience the “Productivity Power-up” workshop

“Productivity Power-up” is a comprehensive two-hour workshop that equips you with the tools and strategies to increase productivity, declutter your inbox, boost team performance and manage interruptions at work.

Guided by one of our expert consultants,“Productivity Power-up” is delivered as a group workshop with other like-minded professionals who want to reclaim control over time, workflow and productivity every day.

Throughout the session, you will examine the implications of the current environment on your ability to:

be more productive,

prioritise their work and delegate effectively,

be less operationally focused, and

get the best from their team.

The workshop will coach you in:

exploring how you can start to create an environment where you can achieve better outcomes for you and your team

gaining a thorough understanding of the top three challenges associated with the current workplace environment and the impacts these have.

The workshop is action-based, high impact, with practical group-based activities.

I enjoyed the workshop a lot. Learnt valuable tools to use moving forward.

Why choose to work with PEP?

We are your leaders in productivity improvement, working with you to achieve your strategic objectives.

Our unique coaching methodologies and the application of our principles and tools ensure that significant improvements are made in productivity, with our clients typically seeing a return on investment of between 20 – 30% after participating in the Personal Efficiency Program.

We’ve developed sustainable, actionable solutions to productivity challenges, and we coach thousands of teams and leaders to help them elevate their productivity, efficiency and performance.

Our programs are right for you if you want practical solutions that improve the way everyone works. Our programs show you how to achieve better work outcomes, more time to redirect to your priorities, and the ability to manage interruptions at work.

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