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Five Ways Employees Can Thrive in the Workplace of the Future

***Updated on 30 March, 2021

Staying relevant in a changing world

In our previous blog, we explored how businesses and managers could adapt and thrive in the workplace of the future. This week, we will continue this discussion, however, from an employee’s perspective.

Many of us have been working remotely as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. The pandemic has accelerated workplace changes that were already underway and triggered a rethink of how we work. Teams have had to learn how to operate in a hybrid workplace where physical location matters less than skills and technology. As employees, this will require a shift in our mindset and our skillset.

While there are many advantages to remote working, there are also some common challenges. From Zoom fatigue to isolation and blurred boundaries, employees need to adapt the way they work to stay productive and fulfilled. For example, early-career employees may need to be more conscious about setting up informal learning opportunities with their more senior colleagues and executives.

Furthermore, there are certain tasks that are better performed in person, such as building and maintaining relationships with customers. Therefore, how employees divide their tie between the office and home will depend on the needs of the role and the organisation. Upskilling will be essential for staying relevant and thriving in a future digital workplace.

So how can you prepare for the workplace of the future? How can you stay relevant in an ever-changing world? What skills should you build and invest in? Here are our top tips to make sure that you stay relevant and thrive in the future digital workplace.

#1 – Reflect

A time of change is an excellent time for self-reflection – what has been working well? What have you found challenging? What have you learnt about yourself when dealing with these challenges? Do you have unproductive working habits that are stopping you from getting things done?

Most importantly, what’s your purpose? Having clarity of purpose is key to maintaining motivation and making the most of your strengths. Ask yourself what you want and where you want to go professionally. Being clear on your purpose will also help you to prioritise your time and effort on what really matters.

digital workplace

#2 – Plan for action

Once you have clarity of purpose, work out a clear plan for how you will take action to achieve your goals. Maybe you want a promotion in your current company – tell your manager and discuss opportunities to develop your skills and demonstrate your value. Or perhaps you want to change fields, and need to re-train.

Whatever your goals are, being clear on your purpose and having a clear plan will help you to stay on track and stay motivated.

#3 – Growth mindset

To stay relevant in an ever-changing world, we need to keep learning and growing. It could be as simple as subscribing to industry newsletters or doing short online courses on LinkedIn. You might even want to learn completely new skills, like programming or coding.

Our PEP programs can help you learn how to be more productive, regardless of what field you’re working or studying in.

In a new normal, we should be open to new opportunities and new ways of working. Only those who are flexible and adaptable can thrive.

#4 – Communicate

Communication is the key to maintaining high performance and staying connected. If you’re feeling isolated from your team, reach out for a chat. Communicate with your manager regularly to find out how they view your performance. Ask for feedback on how you’re going and where you can improve. Communicate with your colleagues to find out how you can support them.

Communication helps to set clear expectations and build a sense of connection with your team. The more connected you feel, the happier and more productive you’ll be.


#5 – Self-care

In challenging times, it’s more important than ever to practise self-care. We all know that sleep, nutrition, downtime and exercise are essential for our health and wellbeing. So make sure that you set aside time blocks to look after yourself.

When you have lots of virtual meetings in your workday, try a walking meeting instead of being tied to your desk. If you’re feeling low on emotional resilience, grab a coffee with a colleague. Being empathetic to others helps your emotional regulation.

As employees, we have to refresh our skills to adapt to the future digital workplace, and to an evolving world, in general. Knowing how to be more productive will help you in any role.

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By Simon Nicholls

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