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How to Work From Home: 7 Proven Ways to Stay Motivated

***Updated on 19 April, 2021

How to work from home and stay motivated

While working from home can be a boon for productivity, it can be hard to stay motivated at times. The days blend into one, and the blurred boundaries between work and home can increase stress levels. If you feel like you need a boost to your motivation, you’re not alone!

2020 has been a crazy year, and we’ve had to call on our resilience and adaptability in spades. So how can you maintain motivation when working from home? What has worked for other remote workers? Here are some practical strategies for staying motivated when remotely.

#1 – Stick to a daily routine

Though it can feel like our daily structure is more fluid when working from home, it’s still essential to have a set daily routine if you want to maximise your productivity.

If you’re a morning person, then wake up early and work on tasks that require the most focus. Experiment and find out what times of day are most naturally productive for you.

If you have no set routine, it can be easy to spend the best parts of the day on easy tasks or get distracted by house chores.

#2 – Plan ahead

Using your calendar to get organised can make a big difference to your productivity. Planning ahead on a weekly and daily basis can help you prioritise the most important work tasks, and set aside time to finish them. Time-blocking is a great tool to help you stay focused and avoid distractions. The more productive you are, the easier it is to stay motivated.

how to work from home

#3 – Set rules for working hours

For many of us, working from home can mean working longer hours. While this may be inevitable during peak periods, it is not sustainable. Employees and executives who are working long hours and find it hard to switch off can risk burnout.

To lower your stress levels and avoid burnout, set your working hours and stick to them. Communicate your work hours with your co-workers so that they know when you will be contactable. And don’t forget to take scheduled breaks!

#4 – Take rest

Resting well is just as important for your productivity as working well. So make sure that you put breaks in your calendar, and mix up the type of rest too. For example, if you take a movement break in the morning, try a mindful break at lunch. High-quality breaks are good for our mental health and help us maintain motivation and engagement.

#5 – Have a dedicated working space

how to work from home

For many remote workers, having a separate working space that you can close the door on can be a great asset. A dedicated working space can help maintain physical and psychological boundaries between work and home life. By creating a pleasant working environment, you can also minimise distractions and stay focused.

Even if you don’t have a separate study, try not to work in your bedroom. If you’re working from a dining table, pack up your laptop at the end of the workday, so you’re not tempted to check your emails after dinner.

#6 – Try virtual co-working

It can be easy to feel isolated when you’re working from home. To maintain a sense of connection with your co-workers, it’s important to keep communicating. If you’re missing the camaraderie of working side-by-side with others, try virtual co-working.

With the right technology and tools, virtual co-working allows you to collaborate in real-time. There are many different online coworking platforms, from Slack to Zoom to Microsoft Teams. Depending on what you want to connect with others for, different technologies can help.

virtual co-working

#7 – Know your ‘why’

Lastly, knowing your ‘why’ or purpose can be the most motivating factor of all. If you remind yourself and your team what ultimate goal you’re working towards, you can boost motivation and morale. As part of our PEP program, we can help you clarify your end goal, and why it’s essential for you.

At PEP, we have been helping people to increase their motivation and productivity for over 30 years. To support remote workers, we have developed a Remote Program to show you how to work from home more effectively. Learn how PEP can help you increase productivity and improve wellbeing.

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