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Fun Productivity Gift Ideas to Give This Holiday Season

***Updated on 19 April, 2021

Productivity gift ideas for Christmas? Yes, please!

The giving season is upon us, and the best presents are those that keep giving well after Boxing Day. Maybe you have friends or family who are productivity enthusiasts. Perhaps you’re looking for ideas on how to increase productivity with fun gadgets. Or maybe you just want to gift something a bit different? Check out our list of top productivity gift ideas below.

Productivity Gift Ideas to Get Organised

Getting organised is an essential step to being more productive. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to help.

1. Remarkable


Photo Credit: Remarkable

Do you prefer handwriting notes instead of using your laptop all the time? Remarkable is a digital notebook to help you organise your documents and notes. You write on it just like you would write on paper, and it converts your handwritten notes into digital form. The digital paper even has the feel and texture of real paper! Keep a notebook for each project or client, and never lose track of them.

2. TimeFlip


Image Credit: TimeFlip

TimeFlip is a simple but powerful tool that helps you to track your time and increase productivity. It has a 12-sided shell where you mark your tasks. After that, you place TimeFlip faceup to your current task to track the time. Then flip the side to move to another task. It has an embedded LED for instant visual feedback, and Pomodoro timer to split tasks into sprints.

Productivity Gift Ideas to Stay Focused

We could all do with some help to stay focused and avoid interruptions and distractions. Luckily, there are fun gadgets to help.

3. Luxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag

Image Credit: Luxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag “tells” your colleagues that you’re busy, by displaying a USB status indicator. But it also has added features like productivity timer, and integrations with other apps to help you manage notifications and minimise interruptions.



Image Credit: FOCI

FOCI is a wearable that captures your cognitive states to help you stay focused. FOCI uses biometrics and AI to monitor your cognitive states, and gives you a digital “nudge” to get you back on track when you get distracted. FOCI motivates you to get better stats through gamification. The accompanying app also has focus exercises to help you practice and get better at staying focused for longer.

Productivity Gift Ideas to Release Stress

If you want to make it easier to return to work, stress release gifts could be just the ticket.

5. AIRSAI plant holders

AIRSAI plant holders

Image Credit: AIRSAI plant holders

Time in nature has been shown to decrease stress. Bring some character into your home or office (or home office) with a floating plant holder.

6. Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

Image Credit: Fidget Cube

A Fidget Cube is a small device that fits in the palm of the hand. Each side has something different to fidget with – click, flip, roll, spin, press, slide, and so on. For those who suffer from anxiety, Fidget Cubes help to release stress so they can focus more easily. Individuals who suffer from sensory processing disorders can use Fidget Cubes to help them calm themselves so that they can pay attention.

Productivity Gift Ideas for Body and Mind

To maximise productivity, we need to look after our physical as well as mental health. Here are some products to help you stay healthy.

7. Posture trainers

Lumo Lift is a wearable posture coach that helps you sit straighter and stand taller. It sends you a simple vibration when you slouch, reminding you to adjust your posture.

productivity gift ideas

Image Credit: Lumo Lift

Upright is another wearable posture trainer that helps you to maintain good posture. Posture trainers are a simple but effective way to avoid back and shoulder pain.

productivity gift ideas

Image Credit: Upright

8. Roost Laptop Stand

productivity gift ideas

Image Credit: Roost Laptop Stand

In the workplace of the future where we can work anywhere, we need some handy hardware to help us stay portable. The Roost Laptop Stand is the world’s most lightweight stand at only 164 grams, making it super portable. Laptop stands are essential for good ergonomic posture by keeping your laptop at eye-level.

9. Oblio phone station

productivity gift ideas

Image Credit: Oblio phone station

For the hygiene-conscious, Oblio is a wireless phone charging station that also sanitises your phone with UV. Since we touch our phones all the time, it’s handy to know that it gets a regular clean!

Of course, gadgets can only get you so far. If you really want to increase productivity in your workplace, there is no substitute for good productivity habits. And if you want to give yourself or your friends a boost, why not gift our Personal Efficiency Program? Our PEP Program has helped participants to gain up to two extra hours a day, to redirect into more important tasks. We look forward to a happy and productive 2021!

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