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10 Easy Google Calendar Tips Most People Don’t Know About

***Updated on 19 April, 2021

On-time and on track

Mastering the humble calendar is a great skill for increasing your productivity. A well-organised calendar helps you to stay on track, giving you more time for the important stuff.

Google Calendar is a free tool with some great features. Today we share 10 easy Google Calendar tips that most people aren’t aware of, to make the most of this app.

1. Set your work hours

The first one on our list of Google Calendar tips is setting up your calendar to let people know when you’re available. This way, you can set your schedule and priorities. Block out time to focus on your priorities, and time for others to contact you. Don’t forget to factor in time for breaks.

2. Add other time zones

If you have colleagues or clients in different time zones, it can be hard to schedule meetings.
Adding another time zone in Settings will help you to see their time zones easily and quickly, so you’ll never be late for an international call.

3. Dim past appointments

Google Calendar allows you to dim your past appointments – this helps you to focus on what’s next. Just look for the “reduce the brightness of past events” checkbox in the “view options” settings.

4. Learn shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great time saver. For example, you can easily switch between views:

  • “1” or “d” for the day view
  • “2” or “w” for the week view
  • “3” or “m” for the month view
  • “4” or “x” for your custom view
  • “5” or “a” for the agenda view
  • “6” or “y” for the year view, and
  • “t” to return to today’s date.

There are many more shortcuts – here is the full list.

5. Advanced search

Another time-saver is to use advanced search to quickly find your events, people or other items. You can filter by date, location or other criteria. Advanced search is available on both desktop and mobile. Desktop search even lets you search across all your other Google apps, like Gmail and Google Drive.

6. Use attachments

google calendar tips

A great way to increase your productivity and save time is to attach documents or notes to your appointments. This means that you’ll always have what you need in a meeting when the time comes. You can also upload the documents directly to Google Drive, so you’ll always have the right files even if you’re using multiple devices.

7. Customise notifications

Different types of appointments need different reminders. For example, if you have a face-to-face meeting, you might need a reminder 30 minutes prior. If you have a flight, you might need a reminder 3 hours prior. Google Calendar allows you to customise notifications for each event. Just click settings and select your calendar, and then add as many notification alerts as you’d like. You can also ask Calendar to send you email notifications.

how to increase productivity using easy Google calendar tips

8. Daily agenda

Starting each day with your calendar helps you to know what’s coming up. Google Calendar’s daily agenda will email you every morning with your daily overview. It’s easy to set up.

9. Find suitable meeting times

Finding a meeting time that suits everyone can be frustrating, but Google Calendar can suggest times that accommodate everyone, as long as they’re sharing basic calendar information with you. This feature can save you lots of time, especially if all your colleagues share their calendars with you.

10. Add goals

A powerful feature of the Google Calendar app (for smartphones) is automatic recurring appointments to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s exercise or reading, Google Calendar will make time in your schedule for your goals. The more you complete your goals, the better Google Calendar will get at picking prime times for you to stay on track.

So those are our Google Calendar tips to help you make the most of this app and increase your productivity. For other productivity strategies, our PEP program has helped our clients gain up to two extra hours a day to spend on the things that really matter. That’s why we’ve been the leading productivity consultant in Australia for over 30 years. Learn how PEP can help you increase productivity and improve wellbeing.

By Simon Nicholls

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