What our clients gain from our Personal Efficiency Program

Top Benefits of Personal Efficiency Program: What Our Clients Gain From PEP Program

***Updated on 12 March, 2021

Sharing client successes

For more than 30 years, PEPworldwide has been helping individuals and teams learn how to increase their productivity through specialised training and support. We have designed our Personal Efficiency Program to improve workplace efficiency, so that teams can achieve more, in less time.

Today we want to share some common challenges and how we have helped our clients achieve outstanding gains in productivity. Here are the top benefits of Personal Efficiency Program provided by us, PEPworldwide.

1. Common challenges and frustrations

Our clients consistently tell us that there are not enough hours in a day. They face multiple interruptions and urgent requests that prevent them from achieving their goals. Instead of focusing on important tasks, clients spend too much time on low-value work. According to the associate professor of organisational behaviour at Cornell University Vanessa K. Bohns, “With the suddenness and degree of the shift to remote work, the loss of childcare, and all of the worries that accompany the pandemic and its economic fallout, all of the things that typically cause burnout are intensified, which means the risk of burnout is intensified.”

2. Transforming workplace efficiency

One of the benefits of Personal Efficiency Program by PEP is that it gives employees up to two extra hours a day that they can redirect to high-value work. Our business clients report increased job satisfaction, a vastly improved work/life balance, and a more engaged workforce.

Here are some highlights from our most recent client survey:

A. More time for high-value work

  • 17% increase in time spent on important work
  • 4% decrease in time spent on low-value emails

B. More effective workflow management

  • 91% decrease in the number of unprocessed emails
  • 29% decrease in procrastination
  • 23% improvement in meetings that deliver effective outcomes

C. Improved work/life balance

  • 29% increase in participants able to fit work into regular hours
  • 26% decrease in the hours spent working

D. Happier employees

  • 18% drop in employees experiencing stress and anxiety

Our clients are so satisfied with the PEP Program that 9 out of 10 would recommend us to others.

benefits of personal efficiency program

3. Why our PEP Program works

Our Personal Efficiency Program gets real results because we work with each client to provide tailored support.

Our approach helps you to identify your needs, and what really matters to your business. We will work with you and your team, either in the office or remotely, to form and build new productive habits.

Each module consists of small group workshops and tailored one-on-one coaching. Our program targets three key areas:

1. Improved access to what you need

2. Effective action to help workflow

3. Focused attention on what matters most

These three key areas of access, action, and attention give PEP Program participants a practical framework to evaluate their current work habits, plan for change, and then implement new work habits.

Unlike other productivity training programs, our Personal Efficiency Program is committed to long-term, sustainable change. We help you and your team to embed and maintain better workplace habits, that will keep paying dividends.

We’d all love to have more time for the important stuff. Whether you want to be more productive while working remotely, or need support to empower your team, we’re here to help.

Learn how PEP can help you and your team become more productive and find time for high-value tasks.

By Simon Nicholls

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