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At PEPworldwide, we understand how work, works. We are a global organisation that specialises in boosting business performance for our clients. We provide practical solutions to combat the increasing volumes, velocity and variability of work demands. Our approach is specifically tailored to the to the individual and the organisation and as a result we consistently achieve outstanding sustainable gains in productivity. On average our clients free up two hours of time per day, per person, which allows them to focus on prioritising, executing and performing to the highest level.

We know our methodology works: with a proven track record of 30 years as the leading productivity consultant in Australia, we also provide you with a precise analysis of how PEP has specifically improved your business outcomes.

In a nutshell? Our business is all about adding value to yours.

People are at the heart of what we do.

If our people don’t change your life, they’ll come pretty close.

Simon Nicholls – Managing Partner

“I am passionate about providing individuals and organisations with pathways to increase their productivity and effectiveness. My key objective for PEP is to develop long-term relationships with clients underpinned by the provision of excellent customer service, a solutions-based approach to meeting their needs, open and honest dialogue, and reliable and timely advice.”

With over two decades experience in the service and training sectors in senior management and consultancy roles, Simon is well equipped to assist businesses to optimise workforce capability, productivity and profitability.

Throughout his professional career Simon has built long-term relationships with organisations in the health care, business services, finance, transport and distribution, resources, construction, hospitality, tourism, retail and public sectors.

Simon’s client’s report that he has exceptional communication skills and possesses the ability to readily identify their needs and craft exceptional solutions to solve them. Simon is an effective listener, excellent with follow-up and an individual who stands by the simple values of integrity and honesty.

Nicolas West – Managing Partner

“PEPworldwide provides the opportunity to introduce a suite of products to corporate Australia that will provide sustainable and repeatable business outcomes. The PEP approach of delivering ethical results that build on the skills required to be successful for individuals means that at the end of a working day you can feel “good” about your achievements. In a business environment where businesses are trying to optimise the potential of their individuals and teams, PEP unlocks the constraints and delivers tangible benefits.”

Nicolas has been an active contributor to corporate Australia across a number of senior roles and industry verticals. These roles have been focussed on the development and management of national teams. In particular the operationalising of strategic objectives into commercial outcomes. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Managing Partner.

Prior to joining PEP, Nicolas was Group National Development Manager for Franklyn Scholar from Nov 2008 – 2013 and Director of Education Services for UXC Pty Ltd. from 2003 – 2008. Both roles required incorporation of operational objectives, strategic objectives, and product development, whilst leading national teams to consistently deliver excellence to key clients within government, corporate, companies and industry associations.

Gail Phillips – Program Coordinator

“I love liaising with clients about the scheduling and logistics of the program, co-ordinating all areas of the program administration and working with our consultant team to achieve quality outcomes for clients.”

Gail has been the Program Coordinator with PEPworldwide since 1995, and enjoys being directly in contact with the positive feedback PEP receives from clients. In her busy role Gail has seen the global expansion of PEPworldwide.

In her early career Gail worked at IBM Australia in their Office Products Division as a trainer for 5 years. Prior to joining PEPworldwide she worked at Computer Associates in their software distribution area.

Annie Dardir – Consultant

“There is nothing more rewarding as a PEP coach than to witness the empowerment and confidence individuals exude, simply by implementing the PEP Principles into their day to day routine and as a result taking back control of their work life balance whilst increasing their productivity”

Annie is an Accredited Trainer/Facilitator and Certified Leadership Coach specialising in effective learning and development practices, with over 2 decades experience working within both Public and Private sectors. During this time, she has amassed a wide range of skills and knowledge which she draws upon to support individuals and teams achieve their personal and professional goals. Annie has extensive expertise in the design and delivery of leadership and team development, plus sales excellence capability programmes. Her key achievements were built on empowering and developing highly performing individuals, leaders and teams. She bases her success on a combination of clear, strategic thinking and considered insightful people skills. Annie is extremely passionate about partnering with her clients, often in highly pressurised, competitive environments to find fulfilment by maximizing their innate strengths and potential. As a coach Annie is known for her supportive style, displaying natural warmth and empathy … whilst challenging her clients to stretch their thinking beyond their comfort zone in order to unleash and reach their true potential.

Nicole Wilson – Consultant

“PEP has changed my life” ‘Tell me more… I said to my program participant on the very first program I facilitated for PEP in 2009’ “I now get home in day-light, and my wife calls me “Action” instead of “Gunna”!
I love the PEP program and wish I had met it 20 years earlier in my career.

Nicole has worked with corporates and SME’s for more than 20 years to bring people, teams and enterprise long terms sustainable change in behaviours and the achievement of tangible business metrics.  Through this the achievement of professional and personal goals have been delivered.  Nicole is a highly and diversely experienced trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor. Nicole is passionate about helping people to both believe in and deliver on their potential.

Nikki Burrows – Consultant

“The most important things in life, aren’t things……”
I love PEP because it’s based on solid principles and processes that allow you to focus on what really matters in life, personally and professionally.

Nikki has over 15 years of experience in Training and Development – She is known for her knowledge, commitment, passion, energy and results.
She has worked in management positions in the area of Organisational Development with 2 of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years. Post leaving big pharma, Nikki created her own Training and Development business to develop bespoke training solutions to meet client’s individual needs as a consultant.
She believes people are the greatest asset of any organisation and her goal to further develop and enhance their skills has seen her consult across a wide variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Veterinarian, Advertising, Finance, Government, Recruitment, Building and Engineering.
Nikki is a passionate, energetic, fun loving facilitator who gets involved at every opportunity. Her expertise in the Organisational Development space include: Sales Effectiveness, Management and Organisational Coaching, Personal Efficiency programs, Presentation Skills, Behavioural Profiling and Emotional Intelligence.
Nikki loves PEP because it really does change peoples lives professionally and personally helping them regain control and stay focussed on what really matters.

Ronita Neal – Consultant

“In many of the roles I have done over the years I could see how they were often overwhelmed and stressed by a lack of knowledge of how to win the day to day struggle of getting everything done. They would often get to the end of the day and feel they had not achieved any of the important things on the list. I had experienced this myself in previous positions when I was left to figure out by myself how to work efficiently.

Now I love seeing people use the principles and tools provided by PEP to gain control over how they work. This fees them up to concentrate on tasks that make a bigger impact, and to see new pathways to how this could be done. It also allows them to feel less stressed as they see themselves more able to achieve their goals.”

Prior to joining PEP Ronita has worked for 25 years in many different settings including Commonwealth and State Public Service, the private sector, Higher Education sector, and the Health sector. She has coached people in a range of positions across these areas, and is familiar with the range of challenges that can arise in the course of daily work.

She has also delivered training to a diverse range of people including long term unemployed, business owners, and post-graduate university students. She is a qualified psychologist (working with a coaching approach) and member of two professional coaching organisations.

Ronita’s focus for her work is to “change people’s lives”. She enjoys working with people, providing support and encouragement as they work towards reaching their full potential.

Roz Howland – Consultant

“It’s all about moving forward. This theme underpins my career regardless of titles I have held: Trainer, Facilitator, Coach. PEP is a system that provides the tools to move forward in a very practical, real and do-able way”

Roz brings over 15 years of training & facilitation experience to PEP Worldwide, having worked in various sectors: education, small business, not for profit, & government as both employee and consultant. Roz brings a very personable & practical approach to all her coaching and facilitation, helping clients to not only learn, but to productively apply that learning, so every client can move toward where they want to be.

Angie Spiteri – Consultant

“I’ve been delivering PEP for over 13 years and it’s principles are as relevant as ever! I love this program! I love that it’s so practical, that by the end of each day you have implemented what you learn and return to work in a much better position then you started AND that what you learn will serve you your entire career!”

Angie has worked in the productivity industry and PEPworldwide since 2005. Prior to this Angie managed teams of people in a very large organisation helping them to work efficiently and effectively. Angie loves the feedback she gets when she helps someone get clear about how to apply the PEP principles and get results in a much easier way – a way of working they didn’t know was possible!

Bev Lange – Consultant

“PEPworldwide offers a new way of working. The program helps people be more productive, have more control of their workload and uses simple tools for improved team performance. Its impact is immediate.”

A highly experienced consultant, senior executive and company director, Bev is a recognised leader, influencer, and innovator, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Her successes leading the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation; as Director of Communications for Transport NSW; as Director of Major Events Unit and Service Development for City of Sydney; and as a Director on the boards of the Centenary of Federation, NCOSS, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Sydney Gay Games attest to her pedigree and commitment to community service and excellence.

Bev is a multi-disciplinary professional that provides the experience, dedication and undivided attention of a highly experienced CEO, company director, strategist and communications professional.

Kayley Riddle – Consultant

“A former Executive and participant of PEP, Kayley believes in applying the principles and is passionate about facilitating groups and individuals in learning ways to be more effective at work and balanced in their life.”

Kayley has a background in Human Resources, Talent Development and Executive Coaching, including senior executive roles in very fluid environments. She has broad experience and knowledge and a dynamic, people-focused approach when working with teams and individuals in applying principles to achieve outcomes. Her coaching aligns so well with PEP that she was delighted to join the team, apply her experiences to the philosophies and to facilitate workshops and coach individuals and teams.

Lois McLachlan – Consultant

“I love that the PEP programs provide simple yet powerful principles and tools for people to make a significant difference in their lives if they choose to—being more productive and effective, better balance, less stress—which, of course, means the organisation wins as well!”

Lois previously worked in corporate finance for 20 years, holding senior management positions including CFO for Nike Australia and Project Leader for Hewlett-Packard Financial Services. Her business experience has been wide ranging, covering finance, administration, legal & marketing.

Lois has facilitated PEP in its various formats since 2005, for a large number of private and public companies in a wide range of industries, and in the public sector. She works comfortably with people at all levels within these organisations.

She feels privileged to bring PEP to people & organisations, recognising the fundamental impact of individual learning and performance on ‘bottom line’ business outcomes.

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